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Roman Data Defense provides commercial organizations with multiple points of data security. Think of us as ethical, legal hackers who protect your business, technology, and data, using digital and physical security methods. If your business is your castle, we provide the fortress that guards some of your most valuable assets.


Find the gaps in your front line.


Eliminate existing enemy threats. 


Fortify your cyber-security efforts.

The Moat.

Your first line of defense in the war on cyber-attacks.

Why do you need cyber security?

According to the 2016 Cyberthreats Defense Report, 75.6% of organizations were breached last year. In fact, data breaches increased 40% in 2016, hitting an all-time high of 1,093. What’s more, the average cost of a data breach was $4 million!

Who do we service?

We provide data security to a wide range of clients, including commercial businesses, healthcare/medical offices, education, and financial services. Organizations small and large are vulnerable to data breaches and can benefit from our comprehensive security services.

Products & Services


Keep email communications and accounts secure against unauthorized access, loss, or compromise. Email is a popular medium for attackers to gain access to your organization and its data.


Protect your security devices to prevent your attackers from gaining sensitive information. The security of your surveillance data is just as serious as that of the people and property it is guarding.


Implement the hardware and software necessary to most-effectively guard your network. With the proper network security, your system will detect threats before the attackers can compromise your data.


Training employees in proper data security protocol is crucial, as most breaches are caused by human error. Employee training is an essential factor to creating a strong cybersecurity strategy.


We can help transform your compliance requirement into a competitive edge, allowing you to make better judgements, become more adept, and leverage definitive business wisdom.


Establish a security policy containing the proper controls needed to keep your organization’s information secure, including a thorough remediation plan in case of an incident.

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